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Religious transcription

We are an international, multicultural and tolerant company. We transcribe the audio records of any religion, whether it is a Catholic sermon, a lecture about the Koran or meditation instructions. We assure you that your religious audios are transcribed by transcribers who share the same religion. This ensures a high-level of accuracy in the finished product.

The idea of religious speeches, sermons, conversations, meetings or conferences is to share the values and beliefs as widely as possible. Recording and transcribing such events allows this process to happen more effectively. Religious transcriptions can be used many times over. They can be edited and collected in a book or published on your website.

All you need to do is record your religious event. Don’t trust your memory and try to get down everything that somebody said. Religious transcriptions are authentic, there is no unwanted interpretation or mistakes. Just upload your recordings here and choose the most suitable turn-around time. Instead of getting tired doing it yourself, relax and get your transcription sent directly to your inbox.