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Why should you choose GoTranscription?
Usually, when people go online for religious purposes, they are looking for answers to important questions about their lives and faith. Have you ever googled something like this?

  • What does Bible say about body piercings?
  • Is there a life after death?
  • What is the importance of baptism?
  • What does the Bible say about divorce?
  • Do pets go to heaven?

People usually search for written texts, as it is much quicker and easier to find the answers to important questions. When users face the choice of choosing a long video or a written document, they will usually go with the text version in order to skim through it in search for information.
Why do people read transcripts of sermons?
  1. Usually, people don’t have much time and they want to find the answer as quickly as possible, without waiting for 30 minutes watching a sermon.
  2. People with hearing disabilities can read them.
  3. The text can be printed out and the important parts can be highlighted.
  1. The content can be shared online.
  2. The keywords make the sermons more searchable, thus reaching a lot of people.
  3. They can be printed and read in by the people groups who study Bible and discuss their faith.
How can pastors use transcripts?
The transcripts can be collected and catalogued for further use.
They can be published as a book.
They become more SEO-friendly thus making them searchable.
You can close caption the video of your sermon.
The importance of transcribing sermons?
As we have already mentioned, making a transcription of your sermon can help you reach tons of people who otherwise would not find it. We strongly believe that the words of sermons should be accessible to everyone, especially to those with hearing disabilities. Also, by having the text version of your words, you can reach people who want to find important answers to their questions. Maybe your transcription will help someone cope with a loss, mental problems or an existential crisis? That is why you should try to reach the minds of everyone who needs your advice.