Speech transcription

Public speaking is the act of performing a presentation or giving a speech directly to a live audience in a structured manner, in order to inform, influence or entertain them. If a speech is given by a celebrity or an important political or social life figure, it can receive a lot of attention in society and media. Journalists comment, evaluate and analyze these on a regular basis. To understand these comments, it is necessary to hear the speech on your own or to have a copy of the transcription.

Speech transcription is beneficial not only for members of the media. Everybody benefits from it. Having a copy of the transcription allows one to deconstruct the speech and its structure, and to analyze the rhetorical tools used. This makes it a good method for learning how to write speeches. Sometimes the most important public speeches and their transcriptions are passed to the future generations as historical evidences. For example, “I Have a Dream” by Martin Luther King is so well-known and quoted today because its transcription is readily available.

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