Thesis transcription

A thesis is an academic study or research proposal that contains a student’s original findings and theories. A thesis needs to be supported with facts and evidence, which is often authentic interviews, lectures, audio recordings, seminars and conferences. These forms of supporting data need to be transcribed and assembled into a well-organized document, which can be a time-consuming process.

Tight budgets and enthusiasm stimulate students to transcribe the recordings on their own. Only after spending 6-7 hours transcribing one 40 minutes interview, do many realize it would have been easier, faster and actually cheaper to hire a professional transcriber from the beginning. Here are some more reasons to simply upload your audio files now and get a finished transcription delivered in 24 hours:

  • Professionals transcribe audio files every day, so they are much faster than a student who is probably doing it for the first and likely last time in his or her life.
  • Instead of sitting in front of a computer and growing tired as the hours pass, a student can spend this time relaxing, contemplating ideas and reading additional material for the thesis. It takes time to summarize all the data and ideas into a brilliant final document, so free up yours by hiring a professional transcription service.
  • The professional editors proofread the transcriptions, so you can be assured of grammatical accuracy.
  • Check our prices and ascertain there is no need to make any compromises with your tight budget.

Don’t get nervous about a boring and creativity-draining task like transcribing. Spend your studying time in a more effective way. In other words, do your best at studying and leave the rest for us. Upload your files here and choose your turn-around time. We assure you that you will be delighted with our professional service.

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