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What countries speak Arabic?

There are many reasons to hire an Arabic translation service — some you may have thought of and some you haven't. GoTranscript is an online translation company offering 70 language combinations, including English to Arabic and Arabic to English. Find out how Arabic translations can help you reach your business, educational, or personal goals.

The Arab world comprises the following 22 countries:

  • Algeria


  • Bahrain


  • Comoros


  • Djibouti


  • Egypt


  • Iraq


  • Jordan


  • Kuwait


  • Lebanon


  • Libya


  • Mauritania


  • Morocco


  • Oman


  • Palestine


  • Qatar


  • Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Arabia

  • Somalia


  • Sudan


  • Syria


  • Tunisia


  • United Arab Emirates

    United Arab Emirates

  • Yemen


Note that Iran, unlike its similarly named neighbor Iraq, is not part of the Arab world. The official language of Iran is Persian, or Farsi. Only a small percentage of Iranians speaks Arabic.

Arabic to English Translation Services

Why you need an Arabic translation agency

First, of course, you may need translations from English to Arabic or from Arabic to English if you do business with the Arab world.

This vast area in general is known for its petroleum exports, and banking is also big business in this part of the world. However, specific countries in the Middle East also export goods such as textiles, wines, and much more. For many business negotiations, Arabic technical translation and legal translation may be necessary.

Beyond its trade applications, the Arabic language is valuable in academia, history, religion, and the military. Perhaps you want to seek out your ancestors, study the Quran, or contribute to the next of the Middle Eastern architectural marvels.

A third reason to order Arabic document translation services is the migration of Arabic-speaking people to English-speaking countries. Arabic immigrants need to understand all the services they need for daily living. Whether you're renting an apartment or offering transit services, you'll need professional translation to make your rules and regulations or policies and procedures understood.

And accurate medical translation is critical when providing health care services to Arabic-speaking patients.

Arabic to English Translation Services
Arabic to English Translation Services

What you should know about translations from Arabic to English

If you're new to translation services and need document translations from Arabic to English, you may assume that your translator needs to be fluent in Arabic. But this isn't the case. A translator needs to be fluent in the target language so they can produce a perfect translation.

Although the translator clearly needs to have a good working knowledge of the source language, perfect fluency isn't required. Today's translator has many sources at their fingertips to help them translate more difficult passages, such as colloquialisms.

It's not uncommon for native English speakers to be able to converse in one or two other languages. However, these secondary languages are often languages that use the Roman alphabet, as these are far for an English speaker to read and write.

It's less common for an English speaker to know Arabic, although this is changing. So, while you likely know somebody who speaks French, German, or Spanish, it may be harder for you to find an Arabic translator.

How to find an Arabic translator online

Make GoTranscript your first choice for the best English to Arabic translation and the best Arabic to English translation.

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