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Why you need and english to german translation service

If your content is relevant to both German-speaking and English-speaking audiences, you'll need German to English and English to German translation servies to reack those people

Some people underestimate the span of the German language. German is an official language of six nations:

  • Germany


  • Austria


  • Luxembourg


  • Belgium


  • Switzerland


  • Liechtenstein


Apart from in these nations, German is spoken by the people of South Tyrol in Italy as well as in some distinct areas in Poland and Brazil. German is also a minority language in many other countries, from Bosnia–Herzegovina to Ukraine. And small groups of German-speaking people can be found around the world, such as in the U.S. and Namibia.

German is a commonly spoken international business language. Because of its presence throughout so many European nations, German is also a useful language for travelers to and throughout the continent.

All of these are good reasons to seek out a German translation service.

German to English Translation Services

How to choose English to German translator or German to English translator

A common mistake people make when hiring a translator online or elsewhere is believing that an expert translator can translate back and forth between two languages with equal skill.

Sometimes, a translator is truly bilingual in both languages. More commonly, this person is a native speaker of one language and conversational to fluent in the other.

That means you usually shouldn't depend on the same person to produce translations from German to English and translations from English to German. Ethically, a translator can only translate into their native language. After all, you need the translation to sound fluent.

A fluent translation can be produced by someone who has intermediate skills in the source language, as the translator can use various tools to fill in any gaps. However, there's no way to get an accurate translation if your content is translated by somebody who isn't fluent in the target language

If you're looking for cheap translation, you may come across translators who claim to be able to cross-translate between two language. If this is the case, be sure you get proof of their two-way skills before hiring.

Otherwise, if you're looking for the best German to English translation and the best English to German translation, you're better off relying on two different translators.

German to English Translation Services
German to English Translation Services

Professional translation: It's about more than language alone

High-quality document translation services do more than pair you with a translator who knows the English or German language. Such services also consider the subject matter of your content and the audience for which it's intended.

For example, do you need to translate product descriptions of children's toys? Or are you preparing to present an academic paper to a foreign university? The same translator probably won't handle both jobs equally well.

A good translation agency tests its translators' general knowledge in addition to their language skills. This is particularly important if you need a technical translation, legal translation, or medical translation.

GoTranscript is also a translation company

Despite or name, we offer much more than transcription. As an online translation agency, we offer services between 70 language pairs, including German and English.

We offer plenty of incentives to help you get started, including a free trial, a customer loyalty program, student discounts, and more. And our quality will keep you coming back.

So, what are you waiting for? Lass uns gehen! (Let's go!)

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