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How translations from English to Italian can open doors for your endeavor
Are you looking to enter new business markets or otherwise reach a wider audience? If so, document translation services are critical to an effective expansion strategy. Professional translation of your content can literally make a world of difference. And translating for the Italian-speaking community in particular can easily help you reach millions more people.

In Europe, access to an Italian translation service is a must. According to Babbel magazine, there are about 63 million native speakers of Italian worldwide. Most of these people live in Italy and Switzerland. Italian is also an official or co-official language of San Marino, Vatican City, Croatia, and Slovenia.

Beyond its official regions, Italian is also spoken by people outside mainland Europe, including in predominantly English-speaking countries such as Australia, the U.K., and the U.S.

You can see how a translation agency specializing in English–Italian translation can build your business. Moreover, translations from Italian to English will help you be able to communicate fully with your partners, suppliers, and other contacts in Italian-speaking areas.

Specific translation services for your industry

Sometimes, you need more than a translator; you need a subject matter expert. At GoTranscript, we vet and hire a selection of specialists to handle a wide variety of content.

Technical translation

Technical translation is an umbrella that comprises the translation of scientific, technical, engineering, and mathematical content. Examples of technical documents include user manuals, patents, and specifications for tech products.

Italy is known for its proficiency in motor vehicles, machinery, chemical engineering, and iron and steel work. Therefore, you'll need an expert technical translator to handle many materials for these top Italian industries.

Medical translation

People in the medical field use specific terminology that isn't commonly used by the public. As you can imagine, translating this unique terminology from one language to another requires the highest skills.

Medical translation is useful for translating patient records, journal articles, procedural instructions, medical school course materials, death certificates, and much more.

Legal translation

Like health care professionals, lawyers and other workers in the legal field use a great deal of jargon when drafting documents. Accuracy in a legal translation is critical, as documentation can make or break a legal case.

Examples of legal documents that often must be translated are local legal codes, divorce depositions, rental contracts, service contracts, and employment agreements.

GoTranscript: more than a transcription company

Sure, we've been transcribing documents for happy customers for more than 14 years. But we're also a translation company! In fact, we offer translation between 70 language pairs.

If you're looking for an Italian translator online, we guarantee you'll get the best English to Italian translation and the best Italian to English translation from GoTranscript. Whereas some other translation companies offer cheap transcription that amounts to exactly what it sounds like, we strive to offer high-quality transcription at affordable< prices.

Make GoTranscript your go-to transcription company and you can't go wrong. Try us today and see the difference our commitment to quality makes. Andiamo! (Let's go!)


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