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Why you should invest in Korean translation services
The Korean language boasts more than 77 million speakers in North Korea and South Korea alone. If those aren't enough reasons to seek out a Korean translation agency, read on!

Beyond the citizens of the two Koreas, there are several more Korean speakers in:

  • China — up to about 2.5 million

  • The U.S. — up to about 2.5 million

  • Japan — less than 1 million

Some quick, basic math reveals that you can reach at least 80 million more people than you do currently, simply by ordering and providing translations from English to Korean.

On the other side of the coin, once you engage your Korean-speaking audience, you'll want to understand them as well as they understand you. Translations from Korean to English open up a two-way conversation that can grow your business or other passion exponentially.

Creative ways to use Korean document translation services

Clearly, if you're doing business with Korean companies, you'll benefit from professional translation of your materials. As you probably know, automotive, power, electronics, and manufacturing are huge industries in North Korea and South Korea.

Especially if you need legal translation, medical translation, or technical translation, these are traditional reasons to hire a Korean translator. But if you use your imagination, you'll find there are many more reasons to seek out a translation service, Korean or otherwise.

For example, if you host a YouTube channel, translation is a fast way to make your content available to Korean speakers. Instead of investing in video subtitling, which is a longer and slightly more expensive process, you can order a video transcript and have it translated into any language you choose.

Here are some other ways you can use translation services to your advantage:

  • Translate your song lyrics to reach new fans.

  • Translate your product packaging or instructions so you can sell in Korea or anywhere else in the world.

  • Translate a lecture or presentation that you plan to give in English to a Korean-speaking audience.

You can see that if you put your mind to it, thinking of cool ways to use translation services can be fun and efficient.

How to find a translator online

We get it: Hiring anyone, online or otherwise, for any task can be daunting. If you're not familiar with the translation process in particular, it's hard to know what to look for.

When you work with GoTranscript, you can rest easy knowing you'll get only the best English to Korean translation and the best Korean to English translation too.

Our translation company is staffed by expert translators who know the ropes. We train every GoTranscript translator to the same standards, which include:

  • Accepting only jobs they're confident they can translate expertly, both in terms of language skills and subject matter

  • Producing work that's at least 99% accurate

  • A neutral approach to your content so as not to add undertones or otherwise

  • Keeping your content confidential (other than communicating with another member of your project team)

  • Being expert in the target language and comfortable with the source language

Moreover, our translators take responsibility for their work, commit to ongoing professional development, and respect both copyright law and intellectual property law.

Choose GoTranscript for your korean translation needs

Although it's tempting to search for cheap translation companies, consider that many of the standards listed above may not come into play with rock-bottom prices.

Have we convinced you to try GoTranscript? We encourage you to submit your first translation job today. 가자! (Let's go!)


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