We Made Voice Recording Simple

GoTranscript Voice Recorder is a simple app to help you record your ideas, interviews or other events. After using it, you can easily send it to us to be transcribed. Price starts from $0.72 per minute.

Now available for android and iphone users

Tap to record

With just one tap, now you can start recording your ideas, interviews, lectures and whatnot directly on your phone and with an improved sound quality

Easy to transcribe

Select which files you want to transcribe. Trim, leave comments, explore/enjoy all the options and send them to us.

Price from $0.72

With our client loyalty program you can now get prices as low as $0.72

What people think

This is the most client-friendly app I've ever used. With just a few taps I'm able to create and send my audio file through.


I've been waiting for an app like this for a very long time. So far, I was never able to get this process completed by just using my phone. I always needed a recording device and a desktop computer or a laptop. This is great, I can use this app wherever I go!


So far i've been forced to use my phone recording app to record my files and that provided a very low quality audio, therefore the were problems transcribing it becuase of all the background noise. With this app, the quality has considerably improved which led to an increased accuracy of my transcription. Good job!