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From $0.77 per minute
Convert video or audio to text
Trust on our extensive experience in transcribing 144 million minutes of content for the success of businesses, research, and creative projects.
From $1.11 per minute
Caption your videos
35 million minutes captioned of diverse video content used in marketing, legal, medical, creative, educational, and research domains worldwide.
Foreign Subtitles
$8.50 per minute
Subtitles for videos
17 million minutes subtitled of various content for accessibility and enhanced communication purposes for domestic and international use.
$0.06 per word
Translate audio or text into 60+ languages
850 million words translated in dozens of languages we support at GoTranscript for global success and popularity of business or academic content.

GoTranscript Benefits

Customer Loyalty Discount
The lowest prices for all, and special discounts for loyal customers trusting our top quality.
100% Happy Guarantee
We employ a robust quality assurance process to deliver flawless quality of our work.
Verbatim Results
Despite industry, accent, or language, we work on it with consistent legal-level accuracy.
Rush Order Option
Meet deadlines and sustain the momentum of your work by specifying the turnaround time.
Instant Ordering
You are a few simple and hassle-free steps away from placing the order taking few moments.
Custom Orders & Integration
Any special requirements for your documents? We're up to the task!

Tailored to industry needs

  • more language options that expand education for the team;
  • train staff from different countries using different languages;
  • significantly speed up the content creation process;
  • reach the exact customer with the existing good and specialized translation;
  • hold on to the processes and update the information quickly;
  • great accuracy and turnaround time;
  • saves time from 2-5 hours per project for your team;
  • collaboration with colleagues from different regions and different languages;
  • the data is presented accurately and helps to adopt knowledge in a way that feels more comfortable for the reader;
  • incredibly effective for people who are not native speakers or suffer from hearing impairments;
  • significantly speeds up the content creation process;
  • improves global brand recognition and offers support for customers in different languages and different regions;
  • translation for different areas of the website, product boxes, and other materials motivating to have more orders;
  • opportunity to provide the best service to clients, attract more customers and gain higher profit;

No hidden fees

At GoTranscript, we value transparency and close collaboration with our clients
Get an accurate quote on our transcribing services up front. Check the status of your order anytime.
Turnaround Time
Customer Loyalty Program for 10000+ uploaded minutes
Loyalty Program
5-Day Service
3-Day Service
1-Day Service
6-12 Hour Service
for 10000+ uploaded minutes
Captioning cost: add $0.40/minute

Client testimonials

We use GoTranscript primarily to transcribe and translate videos and interviews. We use this content for storytelling, mostly video and editorial. The service allows us to expedite the process and tell more complete stories both in video and written form. GoTranscript helps us produce content that allows our team to grow our fundraising year-over-year, even in the middle of the pandemic.
John Streit
Managing Editor and Writer, Operation Smile
GoTranscript meets our current needs to offer transcripts and captions to our customers while meeting all necessary accessibility standards," says Sharon D. "Before we started using GoTranscript, we didn't provide text content with all our materials. GoTranscript definitely saves time because we only need to focus on proofreading.
We interview customers and internal experts on different aspects of the market and business. GoTranscript helps us turn these interviews into text without spending time on transcription or taking notes. This helps our employees focus on value-added work and improves knowledge transfer while saving people’s time and resources,” says Andrei C. “We do not have a steady stream of orders. We usually just order what we need, which is 3-4 hours per month.
Andrei Charniauski
Director of Market Intelligence

GoTranscript in numbers

At GoTranscript, we value transparency and close collaboration with our clients.
Get an accurate quote on our transcribing services up front. Check the status of your order anytime.
supported languages
million minutes transcribed
customer satisfaction

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I'm in charge of editing projects and improving on them.
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I focus on improving customer satisfaction.
Paul T.
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At GoTranscript, we value transparency and close collaboration with our clients.
Get an accurate quote on our transcribing services up front. Check the status of your order anytime.