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Transcription Services

GoTranscript specializes in providing top-tier transcription services, transcribing both audio and video content. With a focus on delivering the best transcription services online, we ensure that every video transcript and audio transcription is meticulously handled by professional transcribers. Whether you're looking for a detailed video transcription online or require professional assistance in transcribing complex audio files, our transcript website is your go-to solution. Get your files transcribed today!

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Automated Transcription Services

Experience swift and precise Automated Transcription Services, seamlessly converting video speech from your uploaded files into text

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Caption Services

Enhance video accessibility with our human-made captions, ensuring clarity and inclusiveness for all audiences.

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Subtitle Services

Broaden your global reach with expertly translated subtitles, crafted by our team of professional translators with niche expertise.

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Audio Translation Services

Break language barriers in foreign language interviews with our professional translation services, designed for diverse niches.

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Text Translation Services

Access the most cost-effective translation solutions, combining affordability with the expertise of our seasoned translators.

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Our clients say nice things about us:

verified icon Verified Order
“ Quick turnaround and very accurate. I did need to edit each of the transcripts, but that's completely understandable since the transcribers aren't familiar with some of the words/concepts/ideas of my dissertation research. I would definitely use this service a... ”
PhD candidate
Jul 10, 2024
verified icon Verified Order
“ Great fast results; hours of transcripts returned within a day's time. I've been using the AI transcription and it produces well with easily correctable errors. Thanks! ”
Renee Vita
Jul 9, 2024
verified icon Verified Order
“ Pros: Very fast turnaround. Reasonable price and a student discount was available. Some of the transcripts were excellent even though my participants spoke Malaysian English, which might not be so familiar to people outside of the region. I was able to request... ”
Individual PhD candidate
Jul 8, 2024
verified icon Verified Order
“ I got a unforeseen problem when time to submit all translations was anticipated, meaning I was at risk of losing my application deadline. Despite of having less than 3 working days the translation team manage to anticipated their deliver saving my course ap... ”
Guilherme Prado
Jun 26, 2024
verified icon Verified Order
“ I used this program for the first time and am very satisfied with the result. I am still in the process of reviewing the audio-visual aspect with the text document, but the result has been quite good and fast. However, I did not quite understand how the tran... ”
Jun 14, 2024
verified icon Verified Order
“ Si necesita transcribir una gran cantidad de audio, puede solicitar un descuento por volumen. GoTranscript también ofrece servicios de traducción, por lo que puede transcribir su audio y luego traducirlo a otro idioma. En general, GoTranscript es un servici... ”
David Arias
Jun 1, 2024
verified icon Verified Order
“ I was very pleased with the transcripts. I have used dictation in my work for 40 years. The accuracy was surprising. It usually takes weeks for transcriptionists to learn my speech and for reports to return in this clear and usable. ”
Kenneth Fuller, M.D.
May 28, 2024
verified icon Verified Order
“ Excellent service, I like the quality of the delivered work and I also like that you give flexibility to your customers to choose among different services. Great customer support too! ”
Ahmed Diaa
May 22, 2024
verified icon Verified Order
“ I used the autmatic transcription service. The order was compledet in less then an hour and the accouracy was ok. The different Speakers were not sepperated correctly. ”
May 6, 2024
verified icon Verified Order
“ I submitted a 3-day turnaround job for a human generated transcript. Not only did I receive it much sooner than expected, I was extremely pleased with the accuracy, and as a bonus, the person doing the transcription had properly identified the first names of... ”
May 2, 2024
verified icon Verified Order
“ I want to compare the quality of 2 simultaneous recordings of the same dialog. I have used MS transcription and now GoTranscript. I read advice that GoT allows a comparison of 2 transcripts but I have yet to find how that is done ”
francis boland
Apr 17, 2024
verified icon Verified Order
“ I was so surprised to find the transcript written with just a sprinkling of errors, and these were more the fault of a poor recording than GoTranscript. The work was done much more quickly than I had anticipated, which was another pleasant surprise. The only t... ”
Peter Kimmel
Apr 2, 2024
verified icon Verified Order
“ I appreciate the ease of use and accuracy of services. All I have to do is upload the audio or video and GoTranscript does the rest of the work. The delivery time was phenomenal and exceeded my expectations. ”
Caprice Yellock
Apr 1, 2024
verified icon Verified Order
“ I do video production and need to have a transcript of interviews, I have conducted for scripting the narration of my video. My experience with GoTranscript was a pleasure to say the least, the turnaround time was fast, and the transcript was accurate, most im... ”
Robert Van
Mar 30, 2024
verified icon Verified Order
“ I was surprised to get the transcript back within 24 hours - that's far faster than my expectation. I had a few minor issues where speaking was assigned to the wrong person but the transcription was generally quite good. ”
Mar 25, 2024
verified icon Verified Order
“ I had a great experience in quickly getting transcripts produced and depending on how this trial goes, may look at using the GoTranscript API for an automated solution in the future. ”
Mar 14, 2024
verified icon Verified Order
“ I've left two other services for unacceptable service. One failed to deliver in the guaranteed two day delivery and actually took two full weeks to deliver a project, and the other somehow after three attempts couldn't sync the captions to the video properly,... ”
Darrell Conner
Feb 22, 2024
verified icon Verified Order
“ The use of this program was great. I was able to upload my file and have AI transcribe it in a quick manner. It made it easier for me to complete my school assignment. ”
Feb 17, 2024
verified icon Verified Order
“ Once I had found my way around the website, selecting the desired variant, making the payment and finally downloading the result was no problem at all.I will be using gotranscript again. ”
Feb 17, 2024
verified icon Verified Order
“ I only used the automatic so far and would not expect great accuracy from that. I would feel that would come more from a human who I would like to try. ”
Shade Rupe
Feb 3, 2024

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Human-Made Transcription API

Experience the synergy of human precision and automated efficiency with our cloud-native API solutions for continuous, accurate transcription and captioning.

AI Transcription Proofreading API

Elevate AI transcriptions with our proofreading API, offering discreet third-party integration and enhanced accuracy for maximum value.

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