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Being a Transcriptionist is a Good Career in the World Dominated by COVID 19

Christopher Nguyen
Christopher Nguyen
Posted in Zoom May 2 · 2 May, 2021
Being a Transcriptionist is a Good Career in the World Dominated by COVID 19

Rollouts of numerous vaccines make the global COVID 19 pandemic outlook much more positive. However, many nations are still heavily suffering, and it is unclear when we will come back to normal. Meanwhile, careers that could be done by working from home are standing firm, and so many people had to change their occupations to adapt to the very current times.

Indeed, many industries have an increasing need for new, home-based roles. One of the most common examples is the need for transcriptionists in healthcare, legal services, and education.

Very few yet critical general skills are needed to become a transcriptionist and excel in the field.

For example, one has to type fast. Speed is nothing if a transcriptionist lacks accuracy. You can test your ability for speed and accuracy by clicking here and accepting the typing challenge. Did you perform well enough?

Naturally, listening is the other general skill one needs to succeed in transcribing. People talk in some very diverse manners, accents, and styles. In many cases, the transcription helps the listeners to overcome the comprehension barrier stemming from the diversity mentioned above, and the transcriptionist is the one to bridge the communication gap.

Lastly, writing. Some languages are easy to spell, some are pretty hard. English often sounds different from what is being written. There, good knowledge of the grammar and spelling of most of the words is crucial to deliver some excellent transcription.

On top of that, some specific fields require thorough knowledge and adaptation to the topic covered in the transcription. For this reason, transcriptionists often specialize in specific thematic areas. However, they still may need some good research skills to figure out what is the correct word being said in the record as it is not unusual in highly complicated fields of healthcare or legal services.

Finally, a prospective transcriptionist should have access to a good computer, headset, and internet access to tip on the opportunities in transcriptions.