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15 Best Transcription Software for Your Audio to Text Conversion Needs

Andrew Russo
Andrew Russo
Posted in Zoom Sep 8 · 8 Sep, 2022
15 Best Transcription Software for Your Audio to Text Conversion Needs

If you are a struggling graduate student with a job to transcribe over nine hours’ worth of interviews but you are also behind on your readings, one of the ways that you can make your transcribing duties more manageable is by opting for the many audios to text software available on the internet.

Whether you are looking to transcribe audios to text for research or simply for your resource or entertainment, the many transcription software available will cut hours of manual transcribing to no time at all!

There are hundreds of transcription software on the internet, but the best fifteen are on this list, and it is up to you to choose from what piques your need the most regarding their accuracy and many features. 

Benefits of Transcribing Audio to Text 

Makes your content easier to find

One of the essential benefits of transcription is exclusive for people making video content online, and transcription will be needed for adding subtitles to their video content and vlogs. 

If a video or vlog lacks subtitles, creators and vloggers are missing out on the opportunity to share and spread their videos to other people outside of their audiences. 

Having subtitles on their videos will help the content with keywords which could up the discoverability of any video in many different search engines. Videos that rank higher will be more discoverable, leading to more people seeing your work and an increase in views which can help if the videos are monetized. 

Makes you reach a wider range of audience

Aside from making your videos more discoverable on the first pages of any online search engine, converting your video’s audio to text to be used in subtitles or blog posts will lead you to a new and diverse set of audiences that will consume your work. 

This is also another marketing strategy to make your words and ideas accessible to an entirely new set of audiences, and those are the readers. Giving people another format to access your work will be helpful to people who prefer reading over watching and listening to videos. 

Makes your content accessible

Contents should be available whether you are deaf or a hard of hearing person. A way to ensure that those audiences are thought of is by providing them a text transcript of your audio files, whether a YouTube video or a podcast transcript available on your website. 

Many videos and audio sharing interfaces have accessibility tools ready for this purpose, giving many content creators fewer reasons not to have them available in their video content. 

Makes your content easier to distribute

Converting your audio to text gives you the benefit of more text distribution outlets for your content, plus text consumes less bandwidth than any audio or video content. 

Suppose you make informative or instructional videos, podcasts, interviews, journalism audios, etc. In that case, one way to distribute your work is making it into eBooks, manuals, blog articles, emails, and many other text-based online platforms. 

Best Transcription Software in the Internet

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Rev is one of the unique transcription software on our list because it is not necessarily a software but a site that houses various talented transcriptionists and freelancers that are happy to do the work of transcribing your audio for you for a fee. 

Rev charges $1.25 per minute of audio, and amidst the audio length, the full text with 99% accuracy will be given to you within 12 hours, and all you have to do is upload the audio file on their site. 

The text transcript is fully editable and shareable. Rev also gives you the option to integrate the file to your Dropbox or Google Drive for faster sharing and saving.


Less of a transcription software and more of a speech-to-text program suitable for all your transcribing needs, Nuance has many AI-powered speech recognition software that will cater to your every need. Needs from individual needs, law enforcement, teaching, etc. 

Aside from being helpful in transcribing speech and audio to text, Nuance also doubles as an excellent productivity tool that can help you control different areas of their interface with just the sound of your voice. Simply say a command, and Nuance will ensure that it is done without you having to do it. 

Not only is it there to convert words into text, but it will also ensure that it is not too hard to do so. 


Some fans of Amberscript are Disney, Microsoft, and Netflix, and we are sure that you will be a fan too. Amberscript is transcription software that converts and transcribes different video and audio to text with a high accuracy rate. 

Amberscript is a brilliant tool powered with AI speech recognition. Because of its online text editor, anyone can check and ensure that the transcribed file is 100% accurate to the audio or video. 

If you want the human touch to your transcription, Amberscript also gives you the option to transcribe with the help of the many professional transcriptionists working in their office. 


oTranscribe is absolutely free and open to everyone on the internet. So if you are on a budget and can’t pay for other transcription software yet, oTranscribe is a great place to check the waters. For being a free tool on the internet, oTransribe is quick and has several great features anyone could use. 

People can easily export text files to Google Docs or Markdown. It also allows you to add timestamps for easier text navigation in the transcript, and oTranscribe can easily convert a video to text with their built-in player. 


Transcribe can convert any audio files from interviews, podcasts, lectures, speeches, calls, and any other audio or video format into text, in over 60 different languages! This is helpful for everyone looking to add subtitles to any of their works so that people worldwide can understand your content. 

Suppose an audio transcript is not too clear or audible because of the background noise or the muffled mics. In that case, Transcribe has a feature that allows the user to dictate an unclear part of the audio so that it can be easily turned into text and translated. 

If you want to do the work for yourself, Transcribe has a manual mode that allows you to transcribe without much effort. It offers workflow tools like auto-loop or audio slow down to help you type as fast as you can hear the words. 


Trint is another AI audio transcription tool that allows you to convert different types of audio to text available in 31 languages in their arsenal. It is excellent for personal, educational, and professional use and easy to navigate and operate even for most rookies. 

It also has an editing interface to edit the text to ensure 100% accuracy. Trint allows the user to add speaker names and markers, plus it also allows the editor to leave comments and reminders on any specific section of the script. 

Your script can easily be exported into various documents from Docx to CSV. What’s more, Trint also allows sharing so that collaboration among team members can be done easily. 


If perfect transcriptions are what you are looking for, look into Descript. Descript offers great flexible, collaborative tools and highly accurate transcription of any video or audio file. For $2 per minute of transcription work, you can get it down in less than 24 hours, perfect for graduate students or any researchers. 

Aside from its highly accurate transcription offerings, Descript also carries features like autosave and sync files to any cloud storage. It also allows users to add labels, timestamps, and many other customizing options to make their text files 100% accurate. 


Temi is another great transcription software for students, researchers, or professionals on a budget. For as little as $.25 per minute, Temi will help you transcribe your audios into text using their cutting-edge speech recognition technology designed by experts. 

With Temi, you can access an array of features from speaker identification to editing tools that will allow you to add timestamps and edit and polish each text transcript. Temi also has a mobile app so that every transcribing job can be done on the go, whether you are on a train ride home or taking a break walking your dog!

Express Scribe

Let Express Scribe translate your audio or video files to text almost effortlessly. Express Scribe will give you all the tools you will need to make your transcription job easier without using all the time you have in a day. 

Some of the features they offer are comprehensive keyboard hotkeys, shortcuts, and transcribing pedal support. Express Scribe will also allow you to save your text in many formats and even in encrypted dictation files. 

Express Scribe also allows each user to automatically send the transcribed files to any client, which will enable them to save them even more time. 

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Another automatic transcription software on this list is Audext which is online and can transcribe any audio or video file for you in no time at all, without a high price tag. 

Audext will transcribe an hour of audio file for you at $12, and this price can be lowered to $5 per hour if you decide to go for any of the available subscription plans on their site. 

Some of the features that Audext will boast are speaker identification for easy labeling, and it can support any audio file from recordings on CD and podcasts. Audext will also have a built-in editor worksheet to ensure that each transcription job is 100% accurate. 


If transcription takes you hours, Sonix is there to cut that job to mere minutes! It is an easy to manipulate transcription software that will give you the most accurate text files that need little to no editing. 

With Sonix, every line of text will come with a timestamp to make it easy for a user to reference any point they need. There is also a comprehensive and easy-to-use text editor to polish what needs polishing. 

Sonix is also built-in with excellent speech recognition software and will provide automatic punctuation to make everything eloquent and understandable. Sonix has a global vocabulary that allows it to understand and transcribe over 35 languages and dialects. 


If you wonder what transcription software companies like IBM, Zoom, and Dropbox use for their operations, it is Otter. Otter has a mobile application that allows users to record any audio they want to transcribe, making it a tremendous two-for-one application for recording and transcription. 

Aside from just being purely about converting audio to text files, Otter also allows users to add notes, key phrases, and images to their text files. This way, users won’t have to simply use another application or software to enhance their transcription work. 

Otter also allows easy collaboration and features a speed-up or playback option to get to the point of your transcription work. Because of how smart Otter is, you can program it to recognize different voices in the audio for future reference. 

Happy Scribe

Happy Scribe is not just a transcription software, but it is also great for adding subtitles to any videos since it carries over 60 different languages in its arsenal, which you can easily have available for you as texts. 

Aside from the languages, Happy Scribe also offers easy collaboration that will make the whole team, from proofreaders to editors, access the file simultaneously. 

Happy Scribe features tools that allow the user to assign speaker nicknames, add to the vocabulary, and sync any third-party software tools compatible with the interface to make the process smoother and seamless for the user. 

Happy Scribe will include proper punctuations according to the pauses and voices on the audio. 

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Insqcribe is multipurpose transcription software that allows any user to transcribe, type notes, and export subtitles. It gives the user a workable and easy-to-use interface that will enable them to play videos or audio files and type out the transcripts in one window. 

Users will find it easy to insert their specific timecodes all over the transcript, and when clicked, the timecode will allow the video to jump to a certain point. 

Insqribe also has a frequently used text option that will enable a user to save time typing out keywords for specialized jargon or acronyms. 

Whether you are working on transcribing audio or a digital video file, saved on a hard drive, an HTML5 code, or a CD, it will be possible with Insqcribe. 

Transcription Panda

Another low-cost transcription software that will transcribe for you is Transcription Panda. This software caters to many clients, from university students to law offices to government and other media companies, so you are assured of the quality of your output. 

All the transcripts that will come out of their service are typed by their many transcription professionals and delivered to you in an editable Docx format. 

They pride themselves on their 100 human-based work that will provide the best in accuracy. 

Final Thoughts

Transcription, especially transcribing hours of audio or video files, is rigorous work, and help with this area by transcription professionals and artificial intelligence is always welcomed. 

This list caters to the best of both worlds, whether you are looking for an instant automatic solution with a bit of editing needed or are willing to wait for 12 to 24 hours by employing the services of many transcription professionals who will be more than happy to transcribe for you with 100% accuracy. 

All in all, we recommend the different software in this list that caters to human-based transcription, especially if you are looking for an ultra-accurate output. Still, if you don’t mind a little editing and time is not your friend, AI is always there! 

Go for the AI for shorter projects and opt for the manual transcription by humans if you want to employ their help long term.