Be Closer to Your Community Using Captions for Winter Holiday Videos
21 December 2020

Be Closer to Your Community Using Captions for Winter Holiday Videos

The Winter holidays are a few days away. In many communities, it is still unclear if families will be able or should gather for the celebrations and what the houses of worship should do to perform their services. Although the COVID-19 vaccine is almost here, we will still experience extraordinary holidays this winter.

Yet, we should all focus on the ordinary and staying safe. Therefore, we would like to share some thoughts on how we can do it by connecting to our closest ones and our communities. 

Of course, we will be doing it via the internet. Or more likely watching it online. Therefore, whether one is following local spiritual services, or any other communities or large families prepare meaningful and engaging videos, we may need to resort to captioning. 

Say for local spiritual services, some of the events may be pre-recorded. The video record, paired with transcription, would enhance the experience of diverse generations of followers who may have impaired hearing and people having other hearing disabilities. 

Some may prepare pre-recorded events or performances in spiritual or secular communities or families, which is a great joy to watch and have a collective experience. Yet again, accessibility may play a large role in engaging older members of these groups or the ones with hearing disabilities. 

Make your holiday experience open, uniting, and inclusive. Even for family-level events favorable transcription services with Go Transcript’s pricing along with quick service may bring so much more joy during the times when every drop of it matters so much. 

Happy Winter Holidays!