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Easy Steps to Receive Webinar Transcripts (Part 1)

Daniel Chang
Daniel Chang
Posted in Zoom Jul 28 · 30 Jul, 2021
Easy Steps to Receive Webinar Transcripts (Part 1)

As of summer 2021, remote work, studying, and information exchange seems to be staying for a while longer than everyone has ever wished. On the other hand, a remote learning experience is a great opportunity worth seizing. Thus, let's talk about one of these opportunities, webinars. 

Webinars are a popular way of hosting events that can attract audiences from all over the world. These events can be organized in many different formats, such as virtual conferences, classes, training, or session. Yet, they all share the same features: it includes video, voice, and text chat interactions among all the participating parties. That multifaceted communication enables everyone to ask questions, share ideas, and comment on the content. 

Webinars are being used for various purposes. For example, one might host a webinar training new employees in a company or create a webinar series of classes on a knowledgeable topic. 

Seminars always leave some materials to use later on. In many cases, that does not happen with webinars; a professional webinar host will provide attendees with a transcript of the event after it wraps up. This helps the attendees to review the information and makes the content accessible to individuals with hearing issues. 

In this part 1, we cover basic steps to get the webinar transcriptions. In part 2, you will find some additional ideas and actions to step up your webinar game. 

How to get a webinar transcript? 

The easiest way is to rely on an internet-based, affordable, and accurate transcription service like GoTranscript that offers unbeatable value. Before hiring us for the job, one has to make a few critical steps: 

1. Record the webinar

Now, most webinar platforms offer the recording function. However, one still should be conscious of the audio quality of the recording. The cleaner the audio of the recording is, the quicker results you'll get. This means that one should carefully choose the webinar platform and the microphones to make the webinar's attendance a good experience and an excellent audio recording. 

2. Upload and send the webinar recording

Once a quality recording is done, one will have to share it with a transcription service provider. Here, at GoTranscript, we accept either sending the file to our transcription services, or a Youtube link of an uploaded video. For both the ease of transcription and your followers' good experience, make sure that the audio quality is crisp. This will ensure success on multiple levels.  

What's next? 

Check out more tips and tricks on part 2 on easy steps for webinar transcription.