Global World Means More Accents (4): Media and Reporting
22 February 2021

Global World Means More Accents (4): Media and Reporting

Our final blog post on Global World Means More Accents will cover our daily lives' most global sphere: the media. Media covers events from all the continents, and one never knows which is the next country in the spotlight. 

Good reporting requires some excellent commentary as often it is being provided by the local, whether it is an interview or an overview given by the local expert, pundit, or representative. These people may be from the most diverse ethical, cultural and social backgrounds with accents sometimes unheard of for others. 

Even the regular folk make it to the news and are uploaded on Youtube for global recognition. Check this Irish news piece, where unfortunate farmers tell their story of stolen sheep. We love them! But ask around how many people would word-by-word understand everything that has been said? 

Media helps us to get to know each other, strengthen empathy and develop a truly global world. However, we may get lost in communication, and that's a pity! At Go Transcript, we are proud to offer affordable and quality transcription and captioning services that would bridge this mutual understanding gap.

Let's celebrate diversity and make everyone heard.