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How to Download a Twitter Video With Closed Captions

Andrew Russo
Andrew Russo
Posted in Zoom Mar 26 · 26 Mar, 2022
How to Download a Twitter Video With Closed Captions

Twitter is the first site that comes to mind these days when someone mentions social media. Although Twitter began with a strict 140 character text limit on posts (called microblogging), it has expanded to include pictures and video.

Even though many people have nearly constant connections to the internet, there may be times when you want to save a video. Usually, downloading a Twitter video is straightforward, but what about the captions? For a deaf or hard-of-hearing person, captions are just as essential as the video component. Read on to learn how to download a Twitter video with the caption intact.

How To Save Twitter Videos With Captions

Watching videos on Twitter can be fun, informative, and addicting! But what if you want to keep a video for later viewing? Saving Twitter videos is especially valuable if you’re watching videos without an internet connection. If you are traveling or have a metered cellular plan, you don’t want to use all your data.

Saving a Twitter video is a simple process - there are numerous free websites and tools to accomplish the task. Every major web browser has a plugin or extension to save Twitter videos, so keeping the video itself isn’t a problem.

One of the most popular free Twitter video downloaders is Find the Twitter video you want to download on the Twitter website or app, click the Share icon, and copy the video share link. Next, paste that share link into the video downloader website, press Enter, and your device will start downloading the video; it’s that simple.

Issues for Closed Caption Users

Although Twitter videos with captioning have the text baked into the video due to limitations of the platform, there are still concerns with this approach. First, many people confuse “closed captions” with “subtitles,” although they are very different.

  • Subtitles are translations of spoken dialog only, meaning that they provide a simple transcript of what the subjects in the video say.

  • Closed captions provide subtitles and additional cues for non-verbal sounds in the video. These can be animal sounds, explosions, or other critical audible details. 

The ability to download and save these captions is vital for anyone who relies on them and should not depend on an active internet connection. Lack of captioning is frustrating for deaf users or anyone wanting to enjoy videos in areas where increasing audio volume is not an option.

Compounding the problem for CC users is that some videos omit captions entirely. In such cases, your best option is to download the video as-is then use a professional transcribing service to create reliable captions.

Other Ways of Preserving Captions

If the web downloader doesn’t work for you, we have other solutions detailing how to save Twitter videos with captions. 

  • Screen recording software

Assuming that your desired video has embedded captions, you can try using a screen recorder to capture the video with the captions. While this method has a high chance of working, it’s complicated to set up and requires beefy hardware. Screen recorders can also be very time-consuming for longer videos since they copy at a 1:1 rate.

  • Using a physical camera

If all else fails, you can try recording your favorite Twitter videos by pointing your camera at the screen. Saving your video this way produces the worst quality results unless you are an expert videographer. This method is also not practical for lengthy videos or if you want to save several clips from a feed.

Professional Captioning From Tweet to Sheet

Quality captions are just as crucial as incredible audio, and closed captions are the soundstage for the hearing impaired. GoTranscript is your source for impeccable transcription and captioning services, offering affordable rates that let you enjoy the bluebird while saving some green.