Human Translation Has No Substitute for Top Accuracy
10 July 2021

Human Translation Has No Substitute for Top Accuracy

The translation is one of the oldest industries in human history. Communication between different peoples in information exchange, trade, diplomacy and other affairs is ever prevalent and even more so. The global world connects humanity like never before, but we still retain our mother tongue and have a preferred language. 

In addressing the linguistic and cultural diversity, businesses, public service provision, and unique content projects such as blog posts, podcasts, or Youtube videos require multilingual solutions to maximize success while expanding to foreign markets. However, different kinds of content require other translation solutions. 

Human translation is the most reliable in sensitive information provided within product information or highly creative marketing copy. Unlike machines, humans understand context, colloquialism, and creative writing and can produce an accurate or charismatic text in other languages by addressing cultural or linguistic cues. This makes the best texts when translating innovative material such as marketing copy or novels.

Besides broad creative topics, human translation is essential in translating content that involves specific expertise, such as texts filled with medical, legal, or engineering terminologies. This is a set of texts where mistakes and accuracies may cost dearly, and at Go Transcript, we proudly provide our 100% accurate human translations in legal, medical and other fields. 

But how does machine translation fair in comparison to human translation? On the upside, it is faster. It can work on large chunks of text at blistering speed, but if a somewhat accurate quality is needed, it still takes a lot of manual labour from translators and editors. Yet, the accuracy won’t be there because machines cannot read and comprehend the context. This may lead to highly inaccurate interpretations of the actual intended meaning. 

Besides context, machines tend to miss vague phrases, slang, and some colloquialisms. 

Bottom line, if you take your following translation seriously and mistakes would cost you dearly, we recommend contacting us at Go Transcript and checking our translation services