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Making Audiovisual Content More Popular Part 2

Daniel Chang
Daniel Chang
Posted in Zoom Jun 26 · 27 Jun, 2021
Making Audiovisual Content More Popular Part 2

The basics for excellent video content are straightforward: make a nice video with good audio quality. But do all of the videos get the attention of the internet? No! Therefore, some great creativity and content creation promotional activities come into play as well. The basics are usual, again:

- Optimize the title and description;

- Share and promote it on social media;

- Receive all the views you were expecting.

Didn't this work out?

And if it didn't, it's because you missed some secret sauce. And this sauce is adding subtitles, which we are happy to help you with this blog post and with our video-closed captioning services

This is part 2 of two blog entry series. Check for more advice in part 1, where you will find the three first points of basics for a popular audiovisual content

5. Captions Increase Video Engagement by Almost One Third

More than a decade ago, PLYMedia reckoned that 80% more people watched audiovisual content given it had captions added. Of course, there may be other reasons why it is so, but this fact is very intriguing and worthwhile to take into the equation of making a popular video. 

However, considering all the previous points, this makes sense: viewers can watch the content with various devices, in multiple environments, and keep track of what’s being shared in the video. 

6. Social Reach Is So Much Stronger

Captioned videos receive much more appreciation on social media. On Facebook, closed captioning yields 16% more reach. Additionally, subtitles bring 15% more shares, 17% better reactions, and more call-to-action click-throughs by more than a quarter! These numbers may differ because of ever-changing Facebook policy and algorithms, but we are confident that a positive outcome won’t entirely fade away. 

This very likely may cause more views in videos, given they have subtitles. But the bottom line is that it is all a system, and all small bits count. 

7. SEO Hits Next Level

SEO is crucial in reaching the right audience for the highest engagement with your work and its recognition. Above all else, subtitles make quite a bit of tangible value for your content by making it much easier to find on Google by being higher in the ranking. 

Besides having Google read through the captions, the algorithm also monitors the dwell time. Thus the items above strengthen the dwell time and further reinforces the positive search results. 

On top of that, more visits and less bounce leads the video to even tremendous popularity. 

If you think your video needs subtitles, check out Go Transcript’s closed captioning services for the next subtitles!