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The Tasty Side of Transcription Service

Christopher Nguyen
Christopher Nguyen
Posted in Zoom Jan 23 · 26 Jan, 2016
The Tasty Side of Transcription Service

Can transcription service be… delicious? Here are the reasons why we definitely say “yes”!

#Transcription Service: Wide Variety for Your Needs and Tastes

Generally speaking,

  • Transcription is nothing more but making a written copy of dictated, recorded or spoken text.
  • Pasta is nothing more than a noodle made from unleavened dough and cooked by boiling.

But what about the differences between

  • Medical transcription, court transcription, academic transcription, interview transcription, sermon transcription, speech transcription, etc.
  • And spaghetti, tagliatelle, penne, cannelloni, ravioli and tortellini?

All different types of pasta, just the same like various sorts of transcription service, are similar but at the same time with subtle distinctive shades. A particularly picked shape of pasta ensures the best result you want to achieve with a recipe. Professional transcriptionists experienced in a particular field do the same with your seek for success.

#Transcription Service Gives a Better Flavour to Your Content

Not literally, because transcription service has nothing to do with taste. But still audio and video transcripts do help people understand a given matter better. Grammatically precise and carefully typed transcripts solve problems such as strong accent or wrong pronunciation. The reader can simply scan the text instead of watching a long video. Transcripts are also useful to check unknown words or terms, and copy some quotes. In other words, transcripts reveal the true taste of the recorded material. Just like spices!

Only Professional #Transcription Service Guarantees the Best Result

You can always try transcribing by yourself. It will take you about 8 hours to transcribe a simple 60-minute record, tons of nerves and the final result will be like… well, you see. The picture above is just an example.

#Transcripts Work Like Candy Crush Colour Bombs

Have you played Candy Crush? (If not, go check it out, there is a staggering 93 million people playing it every day.) Do you rejoice the superpower of those exploding colour bomb candies? Well, transcripts of video and audio files work pretty much likewise for SEO reasons. Transcripts unlock all the keywords used in your records, so search engine systems catch them faster and more easily. Delicious, isn’t it?