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Top 5 Legal Transcription Providers

Andrew Russo
Andrew Russo
Posted in Zoom Dec 17 · 19 Dec, 2022
Top 5 Legal Transcription Providers

Legal work is bulky and heavily detailed. And although legal transcriptionists have come to lessen the burden, a new challenge arises, whom do you trust to prepare your transcript?

There are many legal transcription service providers in the market, but not all of them are worth your time and money. We’ve shortlisted the top five accurate, experienced, affordable, and fast legal transcription services.


One thing you can never go wrong about with GoTranscript is the fast turnaround time. Once you place your order, the transcriptionists start immediately, and within 6-12 hours, you can have your transcripts delivered to your email. 

You also need not worry about privacy. GoTranscript usually separates the audio file into pieces for maximum efficiency and then distributes them to several transcriptionists so they can complete the task as soon as possible. Their rates are also affordable, starting from $0.99 per minute, and it gets better with a 15% discount loyalty program for their clients.


LexTranscribe is among the leading legal transcription companies because they only focus on legal transcription, meaning that experienced transcriptionists handle your transcriptions. They guarantee 99% accuracy and even issue you a certificate of accuracy. 

LexTranscribe provides its services to the US and other countries, so you can easily find LexTranscribe when searching for ‘legal transcription services near me.’ Another bonus is that LexTranscribe offers 24/7 customer support.

MOS Transcription Company

MOS has been one of the leading legal transcription providers in the US, providing transcribing services for lawyers, law firms, court reporters, etc., for over 15 years. MOS employs devoted legal transcriptionists, editors, and proofreaders with a wealth of experience providing accurately transcribed documents in customized formats for each client.

They concentrate on offering unique, value-added transcription solutions tailored to meet each client’s needs. Furthermore, they have secure and reasonably priced legal audio transcribing services, making them ideal for financially constrained projects. They also offer a free trial period.

Flatworld Solutions

If you have large volumes of audio that need transcription, Flatworld is an excellent choice. The transcribing services team at Flatworld Solutions can process large numbers of legal documents with a fast turnaround time. From jury instruction and wiretap proceedings to trial proceedings, they’ve got it all covered with a team of over 50 legal transcribers. 

Flatworld Solutions offers very pocket-friendly rates starting from as low as $0.75 per minute. The company also accepts various audio formats, so you don’t have to worry about converting your audio to a specific format before uploading it.


Last but not least is Voxtab. We all know that confidentiality is key when seeking legal transcription online. Voxtab is among the most trusted legal transcription providers. Voxtab adheres to strict confidentiality guidelines when transcribing any document. Your sensitive information will always be handled with the utmost integrity, thanks to their ISO/IEC accreditation. 

Furthermore, they also offer transcription in over 20 languages. Their team of transcriptionists includes paralegals, legal secretaries, qualified court reporters, attorneys, and legal specialists with years of experience in legal transcription. You can’t go wrong with Voxtab.


To ensure you’re selecting the right provider for your needs, you ought to ensure that they meet essential criteria such as accuracy, speed, affordability, and experience. No matter your needs, each legal transcription service provider listed here will be a great fit.