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Transcriptions for Research Projects

Christopher Nguyen
Christopher Nguyen
Posted in Zoom Jan 9 · 11 Jan, 2021
Transcriptions for  Research Projects

We talk a lot about the benefits of transcriptions and captions in the learning process. Some may prefer listening to spoken words, and some are readers. And for some, both ways work, and transcription helps to bridge this gap of habit or choice. 

This time let's a look at the research. 

Researchers in humanities and social sciences do a lot of interviews and focus groups. Transcribing them is too time-consuming and a significant burden with a high opportunity cost if a researcher alternatively could focus on higher-value activities. 

Research, on average, takes 10 - 20 interviews. According to some estimates, an hour of the audio track takes up to 4 hours of accurate transcribing activity for a person who does it on an occasional basis. Twenty interviews may take up to two weeks to perform transcriptions! However, it is still more than worthy of the transcription for the interviews, focus groups, etc.  

For example, if audio files remain not transcribed, researchers will have some challenging and annoying time in looking for information or insights to refer to in one’s paper. Having this audio content transcribed into text helps to sift through the material quickly and filter the parts on target by using the keywords. And then it can be easily copied and pasted! Lot’s of time savings and higher quality of the research work. 

We believe that we can ease the work by researchers with our services at Go Transcript. Our pricing is attractive, even for the most cost-sensitive research projects.