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GoTranscript offers professional Lithuanian translation and transcription services. We've successfully transcribed and translated thousands of Lithuanian documents. Our professionals are highly skilled in Lithuanian transcription and translation of Lithuanian to English and English to Lithuanian. Order now!

Lithuanian transcription and translation services

Lithuanian transcription
Our Lithuanian transcriptions are done only by humans, and this fact alone guarantees that you will get a high-quality transcript. Many other companies use machine transcription, and that’s a real deal breaker - this kind of transcribing will leave massive errors in your text. In comparison, our Lithuanian transcriptions are 99%+ accurate making it Lithuanian transcription services worth your attention!
Just like the transcriptions, our Lithuanian translations are 100% done by humans who are experts at what they do. At the moment we translate English-Lithuanian and Lithuanian-English. Our translators are experts not only in languages, but also in finance, medicine, law, technology, education, etc., so your document will be given to an appropriate expert. Trust us with your next English to Lithuanian translation audio for the ultimate job.

At GoTranscript, we offer student transcription services for the following:

Why choose us?

We've been in business for 11 years now. Our clients like working with us, and they keep coming back.
At GoTranscript, we care about what we do, and we'll only present work that we're 100% happy with.
Our aim is to provide good value for money, and we'll only present work that we're 100% happy with.
The quality of our work is never compromised in spite of our affordable pricing.
Clients trust GoTranscript to provide Affordable Transcription Services on a regular basis. With a customer retention rate of 98%, having once used our Transcription Services, we are confident that you will too!
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Create stronger relationships with Lithuanian-speaking clients in their own language with our professional translation and transcription service.
Native Lithuanian Transcribers
At GoTranscript we have native Lithuanian transcribers who are experienced in various fields. It is important to be a native speaker when transcribing because languages have a lot of intricacies understandable only to native people. We ensure you that you will get a high-quality Lithuanian transcription for a good price.
Native Lithuanian Translators
When it comes to translation, it is important to choose a translator to whom the target language would be native. For this reason, we have a lot of native Lithuanian translator who are really passionate about what they do. They have learnt the art of translation at the university and use a lot of different techniques and approaches dealing with fluency and accuracy.

Other transcription and translation services

Converting audio and video to text improves accessibility and allows you to meet legal requirements. A reputable agency offering Lithuanian transcription services will help you connect better with your targeted audience. Similarly, translating your documents from Lithuanian to another language and vice versa will increase international outreach.
Lithuanian Transcription
Lithuanian transcription involves changing speech from audio to text, whereas translation involves converting text or audio into another language. GoTranscript has a team of natives that fully understand this language. With our transcription and translation services, you will discover a smoother transfer of information and a wider audience reach. Some items we transcribe and translate are:

  • Movies
  • Interviews
  • Zoom meetings
  • Recordings
  • Calls
Who Needs Lithuanian Transcription Services?
Many companies and individuals can benefit from our Lithuanian transcription and translation services. For instance, we help law practitioners make accurate legal transcripts. We also have an academic package to assist students with dissertations, instructional materials, and presentations. Similarly, we help Lithuanian companies expand to English-speaking countries by localizing their website content.

Other parties that often use our Lithuanian services are:

  • Medical facilities
  • Educational institutions
  • Insurance companies
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Media firms
  • Entertainment companies
  • Content creators
Finding the Best Lithuanian Transcription Services
When looking for a company offering high-quality Lithuanian transcription and translation services, it's vital to consider several factors. First, opt for an agency that has a team of experienced natives. This measure will ensure you get an accurate result. Likewise, it would be best to avoid companies that use AI to transcribe and translate files unless you have a lot of time to fix the resulting errors.

Other aspects to consider when looking for Lithuanian transcription and translation services are:

  • Great online presence
  • Availability of editors and proofreaders
  • Confidentiality
  • Document security
  • Simplified and transparent pricing structure
Reading Lithuanian transcription services reviews can help you get value for your money. GoTranscript has numerous testimonials and feedback from past clients. When you read our reviews, you can verify that we offer high-quality services at pocket-friendly rates. Our team also has all the training and certification needed to provide reliable Lithuanian transcription services to English.
Reasons to Get Lithuanian Transcription Services
GoTranscript's Lithuanian services help you preserve important information in several formats and languages. Further, you're looking at a reduced workload since you can rely on professionals to deliver the task within a short time.

Other pros of Lithuanian transcription and translation services are:

  • Time savings
  • A chance to focus on more critical tasks
  • Better access to information for the hearing disabled
  • A more effective way to analyze discussions
  • Streamlined communication between teams
  • Increased engagement on online platforms among international audiences
GoTranscript: Lithuanian Transcription services at Reasonable Rates
Working with a reputable Lithuanian transcription and translation service provider is the ultimate way to boost efficiency. At GoTranscript, we have over 20,000 professionals to meet your needs. Our team will help you transcribe and translate at a fair price. We'll also delegate work to workers with relevant experience in your field. Therefore, industry jargon will not be an issue, and you'll always receive accurate results.

What is GoTranscript?

GoTranscript is a professional audio and video transcription service company, founded in 2005 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Our team consists of nearly 20,000 professional transcriptionists, proofreaders, and customer support specialists. All staff members are carefully trained and certified. We review the quality of our audio transcription services regularly to ensure best-in-class results.
Guaranteed security
We protect your privacy with 2048-bit SSL encryption and an NDA to be in line with robust business or academic requirements.
Human work only
We rely on people, not machines, to provide the best transcribing services with maximum accuracy.
Over 15 years in the business
New and returning international customers have trusted our transcription services with thousands of audio/video hours since 2005.
10,000 clients
One of the fastest-growing transcription services online, GoTranscript has over 10,000 active clients.
20,000 staff members
The GoTranscript team includes nearly 20,000 professionally trained and certified transcriptionists, proofreaders, and customer support specialists.
Transcription services near me
GoTranscript is always just a click away! Whether it's medical, business, legal, or academic transcription services – our specialists are always ready to help.
Transcription cost calculator
We focus on top quality instead of operational optimization, yet we can still offer an affordable price for the accuracy of translations our team produces. Our clients enjoy GoTranscript’s human touch in our work and our customer service.
Samples of our transcribing services
Check our work samples and find out about full verbatim, clean verbatim, timestamping options, captions, and subtitling services. After learning about all the different choices, it will be easier for you to choose the best options for your transcription.

Our clients say nice things about us:

Verified Order
“ I'd tried several options - Descript, Rev, uploading to YouTube and then transcribing. GoTranscript is the easiest and most intuitive to use. I'm as pleased as can be with the experience. Ten stars! ”
Susan Baker
Dec 10, 2023
Verified Order
“ GoTranscript delivers comparable quality to much more expensive services. Other services provide better customer service via phone. ”
Dec 6, 2023
Verified Order
“ Turn-around time was extremely fast considering the length of the material translated. Translation appears accurate despite the specialized and technical terminology involved. ”
Dec 5, 2023
Verified Order
“ Five Stars - your live help was fantastic - she was helpful answered my questions easily and directed me. The AI transcript blew me away. Wow! In a short time, what would have taken me hours, I had my transcript. I am planning to use... ”
Nathalie Golding
Dec 5, 2023
Verified Order
“ I appreciate the accuracy and affordability. ”
Dec 4, 2023
Verified Order
“ Good service. Especially the diff language options such as Spanish (or others). ”
Nov 29, 2023
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