Audio transcription services

We recognize these challenges and understand what our customers need. We are looking for clients who do not just want to be satisfied, but want to be delighted! We have the staffing, technology and industry expertise to support all your audio transcription needs. Some of the services we provide include:

Coverage of all subjects - legal, technical, business, niche markets, media, entertainment, education.

Support for unique projects such as synchronizing audio with slide presentation.

From dictation to interviews and, sermons to focus groups, we offer affordable transcription services and meet your deadline without breaking your budget.
Our transcribers are experienced in the following:

Legal transcription for attorneys, lawyers, court proceedings, judges, solicitors, court clerks and police...

Academic transcription

Transcripts from your event will help your guests remember the important details long after they've returned home.

Book transcription

Although some people prefer audio formats of books, most of them are still faithful to the old written format. Our team of transcribers can handle your audio book file and deliver it back to you on time, error free and at a competitive price.

Business transcription

Requirements in this domain vary from client to client and for us, every transcription matters. We have an experienced team of transcribers who can offer you accurate written supports for your presentations, meetings, congresses, et cetera.

Call transcription

Files of this kind are usually pretty difficult but we trust in our transcribers’ capabilities and we can assure you that after using our services, you will join the wide group of satisfied GoTranscript customers.

Dictation transcription

We are aware that it’s easier for you to keep track of your ideas, reports, journals et cetera on a digital recording support than on paper. So let us do all the hard work of transcribing your audio recording so that you can have a written support to work with.

Digital transcription

In the digital era we have to keep the pace with the technological progress, which is why we want to offer you our assistance in transcribing and editing your digital recordings and providing you a written support of them.

Financial transcription

Part of our transcribing team is well versed in the financial domain so trust us with your files and you won’t regret it. If you’re not convinced yet, just use our Free Trial Service first.

General transcription

Let us do the hard work of transcribing any kind of audio file you might have, offering you an accurate transcription, an easy written support for you to work with.

Interview transcription

Let us help you complete your research, thesis, article, book et cetera, by transcribing your interviews and have them ready on time for you to use.

Legal transcription

Legal is one of the most serious fields we work in, here, at GoTranscript. We understand the seriousness and importance of your files, which is why we guarantee a professional and qualitative transcription of your recordings.

Market research transcription

Market research means a huge project, involving a lot of work, time and resources. It’s a good thing you don’t have to worry about transcribing your findings as we will do that for you, just upload your recordings.

Media transcription

In the past few years media has gone more and more digital, but nothing can beat a written support. If that is what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place. We will have your files transcribed on time, with 99 to 100% accuracy guaranteed.

Medical transcription

We have a team of transcribers who can handle medical specific terms from any file you need transcribed. They’re hardworking and experienced, just test the quality of their work using our Free Trial program.

Recording transcription

Lots of recording and no time to transcribe them all? Upload all your files, get the discount and enjoy your free time. We will do all the hard work of transcribing and you can just relax and enjoy yourself.

Religious transcription

We’re offering you a written support for your lectures, sermons, motivational speeches et cetera, so that your message gets out there and is accessible to a wider public.

Research transcription

Doing research is not easy, we know and understand that your time is very limited, which is why we want to offer you our professional transcription services so you can get your work done quicker.

Speech transcription

Composing a speech means hard work and time spent. Here at GoTranscript we understand that, just give us a timeline and we will have your speech transcribed so you will have one less thing to worry about.

Verbatim transcription

A verbatim transcription is a transcription in which the speech is converted accurately in written word. We have a team of experienced transcribers who will type out every word and sound on your recording, providing you with excellent quality and 99% accuracy.

Furthermore, we are a Multilingual Transcription Service. For the moment, the available languages are:


Check our work samples and find out about full verbatim, clean verbatim, timestamping options, captions and subtitling services.