Digital transcription

A digital recording is one that uses a digital recording device and file is then saved in a digital format (.mp3, .waw, .ogg, etc.) The main advantage of a digital recording over any pre-digital era devices, like cassettes or audiotapes, is the higher quality of audio product. Additionally, digital files are exponentially more compact in comparison.

Digital transcription is a process of transferring spoken information from audio file to text document. There are many examples of this. They could be stories from your personal life or work, university lectures, interviews, your granny’s story about the war, the public speech by a new president, or a business meeting.

Don’t waste your time turning digital files into transcriptions on your own. Transcribing requires a high-level of attentiveness, a unique skill set and specialized hardware and software. Do what you like to do instead and leave the most tedious and monotonous tasks to us.

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MP3 transcription

The mp3 format is the most common one among audio digital formats and we offer you our services in order to provide you with an accurate, qualitative written support for your files.