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Video transcription – converting the audio of your video into text

Having the audio of your videos transcribed makes them more accessible to people with hearing disabilities and those who have trouble understanding speech, for example, non-native speakers. What is more, the transcription of video is good for marketing purposes as the video can now be found by search engines. In other words, it is a great SEO strategy that can also help people to understand your message!

We are able to transcribe

Commercials | Movies | Interviews | Academic videos | Meetings | Seminars | Conference proceedings | Legal material | Police interview videos | Motion pictures | General recordings | Surveillance recordings | Television series | Educational videos/materials | Corporate training videos | Documentaries, and more...

4-Step Process For

Maximum Accuracy


Files are divided into small sections and transcribed by professional transcriptionists


The sections are edited, timestamping and speaker tracking are added


The sections are merged and proofread to ensure that the text is consistent


The transcription is proofread again to ensure >99% accuracy

Video transcription rates

Our pricing is honest and we are strongly targeted towards our clients’ satisfaction – that’s why you can clearly see our transcription pricing below – there are no hidden fees! Also, our customers can follow the progress of the video transcription in their accounts. All of this is done to make our clients happy!

Turnaround Time One-On-One Interview
Special offer for 720+
5-Day Service
3-Day Service
1-Day Service
6-12 Hour Service
Captioning cost extra +$0.40/minute


We love our customers! To show our appreciation for your patronage, we offer a Customer Loyalty Program. It's our way of thanking you. You can get the lowest prices around and enjoy special discounts, just by continuing to use our services.

Get more views by captioning your video.

Closed captions are simply the transcribed text of a video, film, TV show, or a presentation. If you caption your video, you make it accessible to people with hearing problems and non-native speakers. Additionally, closed captions can be used in an environment where you have to be quiet, for example, a hospital, or in a noisy environment, such as a cafe.

Need English captions?

Make Your Videos Accessible for foreigners

If you need to create subtitles for your video, a transcript is the first step. Subtitling videos in various languages can make your content far more popular, as the majority of people on Youtube are non-English speakers. What is more, it can help you as a SEO strategy as your video will be found by people from different countries.

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