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You've spent countless hours crunching numbers, ensuring that your financial reports are impeccable. Now it's time to translate those reports for your overseas shareholders or investors. So, why would you trust just any translation company?

Financial document translation demands not only top language skills but also

  • familiarity with different types of financial documents;

  • working knowledge of industry terminology;

  • an excellent understanding of the sensitivities that are specific to financial content and money issues.

GoTranscript offers top-quality financial translations at affordable prices. What's more, we turn around your financial translation projects quickly. Because when it comes to money, business never really stops.

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We take the utmost care with your financial document translation

When it comes to the financial industry, there's no room for error. In a regular translation situation, a choice between two synonyms might not make much difference in the quality of a final product. But when it comes to financial reports and other financial documents, assumptions and "close enough" don't fly.

A quick scan of Investopedia's financial dictionary reveals hundreds of industry-specific terms. Many of these terms may mean one thing in the general lexicon but something altogether different in the finance industry.

"Customer service" as defined by Investopedia means what you probably think it means: the interaction between a buyer and a seller—but specifically the behavior of the seller toward the buyer.

However, consider the term "equity." Most people understand "equity" to mean "fairness." But in financial terms, equity is ownership. This is just one of many examples of the differences between regular vocabulary and financial vocabulary.

Note that this financial lingo must be understood by the translator in both languages. In other words, financial translators must understand two sets of jargon, not just one! And occasionally, the translator may need to translate jargon into a more understandable term for the public.

Beyond words, financial figures are written differently depending on the country. The decimals and commas may need to be reversed in the target language, among other changes. Only an expert financial translator will identify and adjust for these discrepancies.

Examples of financial translation projects

Financial document translation encompasses a wide array of content. Here are some examples of financial translations that require competent financial translators:

  • Annual reports

  • Economic reports

  • Prospectuses

  • Bank statements

  • Financial statements

  • Proxy statements

  • Blog posts

  • Insurance papers

  • Quarterly reports

  • Brochures

  • News articles

  • Website content

There's much more to financial translations than this, which is why you must work with the best translators in the business.

Don't leave your financial document translation to just anyone. Choose GoTranscript

For more than 10 years, GoTranscript has provided general and specialty translation services to the global financial industry and many other industries. You can trust your financial translations to us.

Because we insist on 100% human-generated translations, we keep our quality consistently high. In fact, we guarantee 99% accuracy on all our jobs, from translation to transcription. And when it comes to financial reports, accuracy is critical.

GoTranscript has more than 17,000 translators across the globe working to complete your financial translation projects quickly and confidentially. And with extras like customer rewards, free editing, and a free trial, it's an investment you can't afford to miss.


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