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There are more than 6,000 languages spoken around the globe. Therefore, translation is critical if you want your content to reach a wider audience. At GoTranscript, we provide high-quality translation services for all types of documents and industries. Our expert translators are available whether you are a business executive, a researcher at a university, a well-known author, or a medical provider. We are here to assist you in spreading your message to international audiences.
With a devoted translation team representing more than 70 languages, we are sure that we can handle almost any translation need that may arise. This ability makes us your one-stop shop for your translation needs. Whether you want a translation from Polish, English, Swedish, Norwegian, Romanian, Russian, Thai, Italian, Vietnamese, or Greek, we can help with that. These are just a few of the languages we can help with, so if you don't see the one you are looking for, contact us, and we will go out of our way to accommodate your needs.

A Medical Translation Company You Can Trust

Translating your content or material to a foreign language using Google Translate isn't enough. You must ensure that the translation is easy to understand and accurate, particularly if you are operating in multiple markets or dealing with official documents. That's why choosing a reliable translation agency is critical.

Over 17,000
Dedicated Professional Translators
Our professional translators are native speakers who have work experience in the industries for which they translate.
Translating your content or material to a foreign language using Google Translate isn't enough. You must ensure that the translation is easy to understand and accurate, particularly if you are operating in multiple markets or dealing with official documents. That's why choosing a reliable translation agency is critical.

However, finding a document translation company you can trust can be a daunting process. The translation service provider a business or a company decides to work with becomes their voice since it's entrusted with getting their message across to potential multilingual customers. For this to happen, the original intended message must come across with 100% clarity. To get a translation company you can trust, here are some of the qualities to look for:

  • Network of language experts
  • Good customer reviews
  • Wide language options
  • Quality translation services
  • Quick and reliable turnaround times

Fortunately, you don't have to go through all the trouble of finding a trustworthy translation service. You can rely on GoTranscript to deliver quality solutions. We understand the importance of accurately translating your message for your target audiences, and that’s what we help our clients achieve. Our language solutions are helping small and big companies, students, and professionals alike.


Our goal is to build a flexible team capable of handling a wide range of customers' needs without compromising on quality. As a result, we have gathered experts from different fields and domains. They have gained experience from complex projects with strict requirements. Therefore, they understand the need for high-quality translations.


The experts at GoTranscript can translate academic documents such as journals and dissertations, paving the path for scholars to obtain international recognition. Also, our team can translate research surveys into various languages, helping business and academic researchers gain new insights from multiple populations.


Likewise, our translation services are popular among the top players since we help brands expand their operations into new markets. We can achieve this by easing communication with local audiences by offering engaging translations of marketing content to capture a new consumer base. We can also translate creative content since we have language professionals who specialize in the translation of movies, scripts, and books.


At GoTranscript, we promise precision and quality with every message that requires translating. Our project management team will match you with the most suitable translation expert based on your requirements as well as the subject matter of your content. We are a trustworthy translation agency that will help you overcome language barriers and communicate with individuals across the globe, spreading your content, message, and brand to everyone who matters. Get a free quote at any time!

Why Choose GoTranscript Medical Translation Services

Why choose GoTranscript?

Top Quality
We focus on top quality instead of operational optimization, yet we can still offer an affordable price for the accuracy of translations our team produces. Our clients enjoy GoTranscript’s human touch in our work and our customer service.
Our signature quality is delivered cost-effectively and efficiently to meet all of the primary needs and restrictions our clients may have. We know our clients. Therefore we never compromise on quality and affordability.
Fast Turnaround
Our international pool of top-talented translation professionals enables us to execute our operations around the clock. GoTranscript's approach allows our clients to receive the orders without delay and in top quality.
The translation process is not an easy task, especially for an inexperienced person. It isn't enough to know two different languages. It requires precision and experience. Therefore, hiring a professional translator to handle your tasks is the best decision you can ever make, whether you are a scholar or a business owner. However, you have to choose a reputable translation agency for the best results. GoTranscript is one of the most reliable online translation companies. You can't go wrong when you engage in our services. Here's why:

While it is easy to use translation software or hire someone you know to translate your content, those might not be the best options. These solutions might save you some cash but can be pricey in the long run. Using software or an inexperienced translator might even cost you the reputation of your business. You need to use someone who has the experience and cares about your business reputation - and that's what you get from us.

To ensure we deliver quality translations, we only use human translators. At GoTranscript, we know that humans provide a more professional and personable experience. So, we don't compromise quality or risk our customer's personal information falling prey to third-party software translation providers.

Our translation team consists of experienced and knowledgeable translators. We ensure that we assign your task to a native speaker who is knowledgeable in your field. This way, you will get quality translations since they understand the jargon and complex words used in your industry.

Another reason you should hire us is because of our professionalism. Our experienced translators know what they are doing, and they will ensure they complete your task excellently within the set turnaround times. You don't have to waste time explaining what you need to us. We will offer you high-quality translations that won't leave any room for interpretation.
You shouldn't overlook experience when it comes to a translation agency. GoTranscript is a professional agency with more than 850 million words translated (and counting) with 98.5% customer satisfaction. These numbers mean we know our job well and we deliver.
In the translation industry, accuracy is an important aspect. You simply can't have errors on your translated document as it can affect its quality and message delivery. Fortunately, with our translation services, you don't have to worry about inaccuracies.
At GoTranscript, we understand that a late translation won't be helpful. That's why our international pool of expert translators works around the clock to deliver. With our company, you enjoy short turnaround times of 1-2 days.
You might feel tempted to go with the cheapest service you find. Beware - even if you end up paying less, your translations may not meet your high standards. Our premium translation services are available at an affordable cost. However, this doesn't mean that we compromise on quality.
What Are the Medical Prices for Translating Services?
document translation services at affordable and cost-effective prices. We value transparency and lasting relationships with our customers, so our price plan has no hidden costs. Our charges start from $0.07 per word.

Why Should You Translate Your Medical?

There is no better time to translate your content into other languages than now. Whether you are a student, social media manager, digital marketer, researcher, or movie producer, creating content in multiple languages is one of the best strategies for expanding your customer base and growing your business. However, a simple translation isn't enough. Your translation document should be accurate and engaging. Additionally, its tone has to be similar to the original. Here is why translating your content is a great idea:
Translation helps your brand reach new markets
If you run your business online, your site may be available to everyone worldwide. However, there might be one issue: many people might not understand your content. But when you translate it, you will attract more visitors from different countries and make them stay longer to purchase your products or services. With translation services, you might even unlock hidden markets of foreign language speakers living in your geographical area.
Translation improves customer confidence
Translating your content into other languages can help enhance customers' confidence in your company. Research shows that at least 75% of customers need information in their language before buying a product or service. Reaching out with new languages means adapting to your consumers' unique cultural preferences. This way, you can communicate with your clients, making them feel confident with your brand, thus increasing sales.
Translations equal a competitive advantage
Translation helps your brand an advantage over your competitors due to its increased reach to more customers. GoTranscript helps your company reach new clients that might not have interacted with you before, unlike your competitors who don't bother with translation.
Translating drives international SEO
Due to the way search engines and SEO work, quality informative posts usually rank higher. Translation services can improve your Google rankings massively. For instance, rather than your website solely displaying results for English searches, translating your content into other languages will mean more organic traffic from different parts of the world.

Do complex medical terms have you tangled in a web of confusion? Simplify your world with GoTranscript's medical documents translation services. We transform intricate jargon into easily understood language, ensuring seamless global communication in healthcare. No more language barriers - just clarity and comprehension with GoTranscript.

Medical Translators Available for More Than 70 Languages

At GoTranscript, we have thousands of expert translators located across the world. We also have a dedicated team of managers who will personally oversee and manage your project. This team ensures that your project goes to a native speaker with experience in your industry so that you receive a quality translation.

Customer Feedback on Medical GoTranscript Translation Services
Do you want to translate a video online? Customer feedback is one of the things you should consider when searching for a reliable video-to-text translation service. This way, you'll know the level of service to expect. At GoTranscript, we ensure our customers are 100% satisfied. As a result, we have a rating of 4.9/5 from over 3,200 customer reviews.
How Much Does Translating Medical Text Cost?
At GoTranscript, we offer video translation services at affordable and cost-effective charges. Also, we value transparency, so we don't have any hidden fees on our plans. At $8.80 per minute, our prices are hard to beat.


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