Press Release Translation Services

The global marketplace creates multiple opportunities for businesses to reach new customers and deliver content to more people. However, limiting communication to one language can suppress this potential. You require a translation provider who can handle all of your translation needs. So, are you looking for a high-quality, experienced, reputable translation service? Without a doubt, you are at the right place.

Translation involves changing the given document from one language into another language. Remember that the translated content must have the same emotions, meanings, and objectives as the original content. That's why it's crucial to obtain high-quality translation services. And that's where we come in. At GoTranscript, we can translate information in any format into dozens of languages, such as Spanish, Polish, Swedish, Romanian, and Russian, among others. Our high-quality translation service ensures that audiences from different language groups can communicate easily.

High-Quality Press Release Translation Services

You can find many translation companies with a simple search on the web. Unfortunately, not all providers can offer high-quality translation services that fulfill your requirements. Here are a few tips to help you choose a high-quality translation service:

  • Find a translation provider that provides 24 hours services and has a team that meets your urgent translation needs. Check out whether they offer same-day and next-day services.
  • Stick with a company that provides high-quality, accurate translation at an affordable rate. Try to compare a few translation services before making your decision.
  • Ensure that the provider you select offers translations for various industries, such as legal, medical, academic, and so on. Also, if you want to translate subtitles, ensure they accept video and audio in various formats such as MP4, MP3, AIF, WMV, M4A, MOV, VOB, WMA, AMR, WAV, OGG, etc.
  • Choose a certified translation provider with a team of linguist experts who can easily understand your content and help you deliver your message in an engaging way.
  • Ensure the translation company you choose uses human translators. Although using translation software is cost-effective and fast. The accuracy of translated content is poor. Therefore, find a translation service that has vetted and experienced translators.
  • The company you select should be able to translate into a wide range of languages. Hiring a company that offers multilingual translation services makes it easy for you to expand your reach. Choosing a company with many qualified translators implies that they can handle large-scale projects, including complex ones.
  • Choose a translation company that is transparent about its policies when it comes to privacy and confidential information. Because many legal, business, and medical translations require non-disclosure agreements, ensure you research the translation service you are considering to be sure your data will never be compromised.
  • A reputable translation company should have reliable customer support. So, check out the communication policies of a company. What will happen when you have an issue with your translated document? How do they share your translated document? Will your questions be answered instantly?

These are some things you must consider while finding a high-quality translation service. Fortunately, you can avoid all these troubles by choosing GoTranscript to handle all your translation needs. Our translation services are top-notch. Selecting a high-quality translation service has various benefits. They include:

Time and money savings

Do you want to sit down to try to translate your documents? I bet not. High-quality translation services can help you translate your documents faster. Having GoTranscript do all the legwork for you will give you and your workers time to do other essential tasks. Also, hiring a translation company will help you save money. This is because you won't need to hire an in-house employee to translate documents. That can get costly. At GoTranscript, we have a translation team that will handle and address all your business and corporate translation needs.

A huge pool of professional translators

Working with premium translation providers implies hiring professional, trained, and, above all, certified experts. People usually resort to hiring family members, friends, or a self-proclaimed translator to translate their files. This can be anybody with a Google Translate app, a computer, and a basic knowledge of the two languages.

Although this is an easy and cheap option, a certified translator who is fluent in both the source and target language will provide a much more accurate and polished text. The translated document will be engaging, thus delivering the same message as the source. Furthermore, without a doubt, a certified translator's work will be of high quality and is admissible in legal settings. You can't get that with the help of translation software or a non-certified translator.

High accuracy rates

Indeed, language is interesting since people can say the same thing but interpret it in different ways. So, accuracy is critical for the audience's understanding when it comes to translation. The only way to get a high-quality translation is to hire a reputable provider. GoTranscript will always follow the highest standards to ensure close to 100% accurate translations.

Professional transcribers with industry expertise

Many companies look for translation services for their technical documents. Translation software or a regular translator won't be able to handle content that needs such high levels of specialization, hence the need to hire a high-quality provider. The advantage of hiring reputable translators is that they will correctly translate your document no matter the jargon used. Producing translations containing industry-specific terminology perfectly shows expertise, proving to your audience that you are knowledgeable in your field.

What Are the prices for Press Release Translation Services?

At GoTranscript, we offer translation services at affordable prices. The price you pay for translation depends on the file's length and deadline. Since we value transparency, our price plans have no hidden charges. Our charges start from $0.07 per word.

Fast, Reliable, and Accurate Press Release Translation Services

At GoTranscript, we ensure we provide fast, reliable, and accurate translation services to all our clients. Our more than 15 years of experience indicate that you will get top-notch results. Since we started the company, we have translated approximately 850 million words and satisfied 98.5% of our clients. So, hire our services and relax, knowing we will deliver premium translations.

Our experts can easily translate any content to help increase inclusiveness, strengthen compliance, and grow your business. Native speakers with background information in a particular field are at your beck and call. We provide our services to industries such as:

  • Healthcare
  • Marketing
  • Arts, entertainment, and recreation
  • Finance and insurance
  • Education
  • Legal

Other reasons you can trust GoTranscript with your translation services include the following:

We deliver what you need whenever you need it

Whether you need your meeting minutes or phone calls translated, GoTranscript can complete your files in as little as 24 hours. Our translation services are based on these key pillars: reliability, efficiency, integrity, and quality. We can deliver your translated files in any format that suits your needs.

We prioritize confidentiality

We take privacy and confidentiality seriously. Because of the secrecy needed in medical, legal, and business translation, we are ready and willing to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) with our clients if requested. In addition, we have a secure file transfer system where you can safely upload and download your files without compromising their security.

We work with an exceptional team

Our translation team consists of thousands of linguists, highly skilled in various fields. All our translators and editors have experience and an in-depth understanding of their native languages, including grammar, spelling, and cultural appropriateness. Therefore, you can trust our experienced translators to work accurately on even the most technical medical terms. Your project manager will assign your translation task to a team of editors and proofreaders whose skill sets match your task requirements. This way, you will receive a translation satisfying your high standard.

We have the human touch

Another thing that helps us deliver high-quality translations is our team of human translators. Even though you can use translation software to convert your documents, you'll soon find the quality lacking when compared to GoTranscript. Why? Human translators have a strong command over a language. Language is more than words and sentences. It reflects the culture and personality of people.

And that's why at GoTranscript, we only use human translators. Our decision has enabled us to receive recognition as one of the best translation companies globally. We vet and hire the finest linguists worldwide. With the help of our professional translators, we have managed to deliver translations that help companies reach a global audience. Our customer reviews and ratings say it all.

PR Translators Available in 70 Languages

We have tens of thousands of linguist experts located around the globe. Apart from our experienced translators and editors, we also have a team of project managers. These are the people responsible for ensuring that your project is handled by a native speaker with background experience in your field. This way, you will receive premium translations free of errors.

Whether your content is promotional or contains technical language, our top-notch translators will help you pass the message to your intended audiences through precise and accurate translations. GoTranscript provides translation services at affordable rates and flexible turnaround times. Get a free quote on our website and chat with our customer service team to learn more!