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If you're looking for a company that specializes in software products translation, GoTranscript is your answer. Our experts have been translating software for international markets for well over a decade.

There are three main goals of software translation: software localization, globalization, and internationalization. At GoTranscript, we handle all three aspects as we help you modify your software into a multilingual product.
More about software products translation
Adapting your software for a global market requires more than a translation of your primary content. When done thoroughly, software products translation incorporates all of the following:
UI code
Warranty agreements
Help screens
License agreements
Marketing materials
Any content that addresses a specific culture and its customs
All of this must be done by experts who specialize in translating software for international markets.
How to globalize software

In the software industry, globalization is a normal step in the cycle of product development. When the original software is being developed, coders should write the program so that it can be adapted for use in many countries and by speakers of many languages.

But in fact, it's culture more than language itself that demands globalization. Examples of things to take into consideration when you globalize software include:

  • Number formats: Some countries reverse the decimal separator and the thousands separator.
  • Time formats: Some countries use the 12-hour clock, whereas others use a 24-hour clock.
  • Calendar formats: Not all countries use the Gregorian calendar we're accustomed to.
  • Writing formats: Some languages are written top to bottom or right to left. This affects not only writing but also image placement and scrolling.

There are many more such facets to consider. Ticking all the boxes will improve the end-user experience, customer satisfaction, and your sales.
Beyond globalization: software internationalization
In the computing industry, internationalization (i18n) is the design and development of a new product or the adaptation of an existing product for use in many countries. Coders make adjustments to let the product run effectively in multiple languages.

One challenging aspect of software internationalization is separating the source text from source code. All the visible and hidden text needs to be separated to preserve the integrity of the original code.

Once this has been done, your international software product is then ready to be localized for a specific market.
What is software localization?
Although it may sound like the opposite of globalization and internationalization, software localization is another key step in fully translating your software. In computing, localization (l10n) is the process of narrowing a program down for a specific culture and language.

Software localization can increase your markets and your revenues—but it must be done right. All the moving parts of your software must be translated consistently using the right terminology for your intended audience.

In the end, after your software product has been translated and tested, it should be fully functional and ready to adapt to many languages.
Trust GoTranscript with your software translation needs
GoTranscript is ready to globalize your software. We have the talent and the experience to take your current software and expand it for worldwide use. Our comprehensive software translation services help you come up with a platform that can be introduced to new markets in a cost-effective way.

Contact us today and let us show you how we can translate your software and get you a worldwide audience.


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