Technical Translation Services

Translation has been around since the existence of written languages. It is the process of converting written information from one language to another. Translators have been assisting people in communicating with each other for thousands of years. Translating your documents, audio, and video files is an excellent way to gain access to a new culture and increase the number of people you can reach.

The increased interconnectivity of our world means a broader global market. As a result, companies doing business worldwide must adapt their messaging to the new target audience. A common adaptation method is translating the source text into the target language of the new audience. Companies will need professional translation services to achieve this in an effective manner.

Additionally, individuals need document translation services for official transactions like real estate, medical treatment, insurance claims, and immigration and citizenship applications. Translating content is much more than simply typing a word into a program and getting the translation back. Machine translation is now better than ever, thanks to technological advancements, but it cannot replace human translation. Translation takes time; it must replicate the tone and style of a text in addition to the words.

Quality and Affordable Technical Translation Services

There is nothing wrong with using Google Translate when reading something in a foreign language. However, an important thing to remember is that machine translation tool translations aren't always accurate. These tools cannot detect collocations, idioms, and artistic allusions. As a result, these translations often have plenty of errors or incoherences. Your content cannot contain these mistakes; they can harm your reputation and brand.

At GoTranscript, we translate documents with the strictest standards of quality and accuracy. Our qualified translators use context cues to accurately and impartially translate written content into another language. In addition to being bilingual, our translators have spent years honing their craft. They are professionals with the proper accreditation to translate into foreign languages.

Regardless of your requirements, GoTranscript offers the most affordable Technical translation services done by humans. A human translator is necessary if you want a translation that accurately reflects the target language's nuances appropriately and conveys emotion. We provide quality Technical translation services and only hire highly-experienced native speakers with industry-specific knowledge for our translation projects. We are familiar with your language, subject matter, market, and, most importantly, corporate jargon. We can find the ideal solution to meet your needs if you require complex language pairs.

Why Choose GoTranscript Technical Translation Services

GoTranscript provides Technical translation services for all kinds of content. Our qualified translators are more than capable of delivering a top-notch content translation service. Regardless of its purpose, we provide services with the utmost care to guarantee that every word and phrase is understood in your target language. We are among the most reputable online translation agencies. We will provide you with competent translators to ensure a perfect conversion of your documents into the target language. We offer you a one-stop shop that guarantees your total satisfaction.

Years of Experience

We are not a newcomer in the industry. We have tons of years of experience in the translation business, which speaks of our expertise.

Fastest Turnaround Time

Your time is valuable to us. Because of this, we provide rapid, high-quality translations with exceptional results. Thanks to our quick turnaround times, our customers can maintain their workflows. Regardless of the size of your business, we always finish the project before the deadline.

Professional Translators

We have an extensive network of certified translators and specialists with years of experience translating different kinds of documents into all possible language combinations. We will choose a translator who can complete the task expertly based on your specifications.

Quality Control for Translations

You won't experience any complaints; we give you the best translation experience. To effortlessly provide clients with the work they have requested from us, quality is always our top priority. Reviewers or editors check each document to ensure it satisfies all specifications for any translation type. Even seemingly minor errors like omitting a diacritical mark can significantly impact a text's meaning in many languages.

An editor or proofreader reviews the text to ensure that it has no errors. The final product of this extensive process reflects the best possible output. Editors help meet the requirements of customers, businesses, regulatory agencies, and governmental bodies.

Security and Confidentiality

Never worry about the security of the content you share with us for translation; everything stays confidential on our side. We use the highest encryption security standards on our servers to ensure your information is private and safe.


The engagement of well-qualified and proven experts adds significant value in terms of accuracy and consistency. Our premium Technical translation services are reasonably priced. We keep our prices down so that everyone can afford translation. We don't brag about our performance; we show results. We make certain that our translations satisfy our customers' expectations; we make no compromises on quality.

Streamlined Work Procedure

If you adhere to a procedure, things will work out correctly. This ideal helps us follow a simplified work process that keeps us on track.

Multiple Languages Covered

We strive to provide comprehensive Technical translation services. As a result, rather than offering translation in a few languages, we provide translation in over 70 global languages and dialects.

Great Customer Support

Our top priority is to assist our clients with their translation requirements. Our customer support team is avaialble 24/7 to assist you with any inquiry you might have.

What Are the Technical Prices for Translation Services?

At GoTranscript, we provide affordable translation services. Transparency and enduring connections with our clients are important to us. We have no minimum fee, and our rates start at $0.07 per word for multiple different language combinations.

How Are Technical Texts Translated?

There are various techniques for Technical translation, just as there are multiple types of translation. A text translation depends on the methods used. The literal translation is one of the methods that you have probably heard of before. But there are a lot more. Most of them depend on the translator's knowledge of the cultural origins of each language. When translating texts, translation service providers frequently adhere to the following procedures:


The time allotted, the language pair, and the subject matter all play a role in the first stage of translation. When selecting a translator for a project, it is essential to consider whether the subject matter necessitates in-depth research or specialized training. The whole project's success depends on how quickly and accurately each translator can translate a text into one of their areas of expertise.


Even though translation technology has advanced and finds increasing implementation in the field, it still falls short of the precision and knowledge of human translation. A second translator trained as an editor reads the translation correcting spelling, grammar, and mistakes as part of the editing process. Similar to correcting, editing is very thorough and detail-oriented.


One final step before the delivery of the translated file is proofreading. Making sure the text's presentation and syntax correspond to the original is the fundamental goal of proofreading. There is a small but crucial distinction between editing and proofreading. High-level mistakes and problems with readability are what the proofreader is searching for. An editor reviews each sentence to ensure proper spelling, grammar, and translation from the source, and then it is proofread to ensure the sentence flows smoothly.

These are arguably the most fundamental steps that any professional translator or translation service should take when it comes to the translation industry. Following this procedure ensures the remarkable accuracy of our work here at GoTranscript.

The Value of Proofreading

Many translation companies only offer a single translation step without editing or proofreading. Translation companies that only provide translation and editing frequently fall short of the required standards for quality. Quality control will invariably encounter unexpected issues without a thorough comparison of the source text. A reputable translation agency's primary focus is always quality control. It makes sense that proofreading is now considered standard practice in the translation industry, given how competitive the market has become. The best translation firms have been able to set themselves apart by offering higher standards of quality.

Even though translators can technically edit their work, it is best to have a second pair of eyes review the translation. It typically takes a fresh viewpoint to spot errors that a translator might have missed. An extra set of eyes can work wonders to find subtle or obvious mistakes the author may have missed. The quality of translations will also improve if translators receive feedback on their work.

Skipping any step reduces translation quality and costs more money in the long run. If proofreading is omitted, the target text may read differently than the source text. Similarly, removing the editing step would result in a text that is incomplete and contains grammatical errors. However, combining translation, editing, and proofreading ensures the highest translation quality.

The best course of action is to look for a translation agency that can improve the quality of a translation while remaining professional. They'll not only produce work of exceptional quality but also produce it more quickly. GoTranscript is among the market's most reputable and well-known providers of Technical translation services. You can count on the best text translation services possible because we have teams of linguists with years of experience for each language pair.