Video Closed Captioning Services

Modern videos must have captions to promote content accessibility and guarantee that anyone can view and comprehend them. Unlike open captions, which you cannot turn off, closed captions allow users to toggle them on and off freely. Despite their high compatibility to display captions on pretty much any device out there, open captions can be difficult to embed into videos. On the other hand, video closed captioning is the best option if you want your audience to have total control over how they view the content.

Here at GoTranscript, we can assist you in implementing video closed captioning to your content. Our company has plenty of experience in ensuring media content complies with accessibility laws with our top-notch video closed captioning services.

About Closed Captions

Closed captions are time-coded transcripts of the conversation between the characters on the screen. Closed captioning (CC) is the process of transcribing text and matching it to the visible images on a video screen. Movies, TV shows, video games, and online videos can all use captions to improve the reach of their content. If you're a content creator, it works similarly to when you create subtitles for a YouTube video.

The main idea here is always to bolster the accessibility of your material. When implementing captions into your content, there's a series of aspects you should consider.

Time-saving alternative

Depending on your company's size, some can employ in-house teams to transcribe video content. It may take longer than outsourcing, but if cost-cutting is your top priority, it is a viable option. However, if you value your time, opt for professional video closed captioning services like ours. Our professionals can masterfully add captions to any video in no time.

Open captions Vs. Closed captions

Enabling or disabling closed captions allows viewers to consume content their way. In contrast, open captions are a feature that is added to the media or video file and cannot be disabled. When choosing between closed captioning and open captioning, consider what kind of viewing experience you want to offer your audience. In most cases, it should be cc because it provides more choice and control.

Video subtitles or captions

What is video captioning, and how are they different from subtitles? Although these two sound similar, closed captions and subtitles are different. While subtitles are mostly translations, captions are an exact transcription of the spoken word. Both of them get displayed as text at the bottom of your display. Captions also include descriptions of sounds on the screen, which is something subtitles don't do.

ADA accessibility requirements

According to ADA accessibility requirements, public entities like governments must use captions in their video content. Requirements for private entities focus solely on uses in "places of public accommodation." This approach ensures that people with disabilities no longer have trouble accessing this content.

Why Should You Use Captions in Your Videos?

Autism spectrum disorders can make it difficult for some individuals to follow conversations. Hence, a video with closed caption makes the dialog easier to understand for autistic people. Children who watch educational training programs with closed captions will also learn to read and understand more quickly. They learn the printed versions of the words more quickly when matching the verbal communication they hear to the words they see on the screen.

Increased accessibility

Deaf and hard-of-hearing people enjoy video just as much as other people. Images and texts can fill in the gaps for those that are hard of hearing to make content more understandable.

Better outreach

Closed captions for videos are a fantastic choice if you want to appeal to a worldwide audience. You can translate your time-coded cc to closed caption subtitles in specific languages to present it to people with different languages.

Improved SEO

Do you have a YouTube or Vimeo channel? If so, closed video captions can help search engines find and index your content more efficiently. Videos with closed captions consistently appear higher in search results. Simply put, Google doesn't really take into account any videos you post based on audio unless you include relevant text. Because of this, YouTube enables channel managers to add descriptions for each video. Here you can put your captions in a transcript format to rank higher and gain more views.

Templates for inspiration

There are several reasons why you would require a video script once you've finished making a video project. Firstly, you can review the script to see where more unambiguous language might increase the number of views for upcoming videos. Content creators who post educational or tutorial videos on social media follow a similar content pattern frequently. If this sounds familiar, you should also use Facebook video captioning to generate cc, which can serve as a template for your future Facebook videos.

You can also reuse these as Instagram closed captions if you wish to post parts of the same content. Your scriptwriters can use the transcript as a benchmark and make videos for other platforms too. Also, you can publish your closed captions as a video transcript in your blog article. Despite the popularity of video content, some of your audience members might still favor reading a blog. Some people may want to do both. Closed captions turned transcripts can address everyone's needs.

Text backup

Technical failures can be disastrous for a content creator. These situations can include system crashes, hardware problems, and getting hacked. In these situations, your videos can get deleted, removed, or corrupted and become inaccessible. If you don't want to lose your months and years of hard work in just a day, you should keep a copy (backup) of every single element within the video.

Consider backing up your videos, audio recordings, images, video clips, and other assets. Don't forget the script. Always aim to create a time-coded script of your generated video so that you can always go back and remake it if something goes wrong.

Additionally, text files are exponentially smaller than huge video files, so they take up less space on your digital storage. You can conveniently keep all your closed caption files on an external hard drive with a minimal footprint on the storage unit. This way, you can still retrieve your closed captions, subtitles, and documents even if something occurs to your data in one place.

Schedule Your Video Captioning in Minutes

Now that you know the importance, adding closed captioning to video content should no longer wait. GoTranscript, our globally reputed company, streamlines the scheduling and ordering procedure and lowers the cost of cc production. Furthermore, we make sending and receiving files easy by providing highly-accessible online video closed captioning services.

To order a closed caption service for your video, check our cost estimate page to gain more information about how much you need to pay for your project. The more concise the video content, the less price you need to pay. Once done, follow this four-step process to get highly-accurate closed captions without any hassle.

  • Upload your video files: To submit your video files, use our website and upload your file from your computer using a web browser. We recommend Google Chrome for the best performance and smoother uploads. You can also paste a YouTube or Vimeo link so that our professional captionists can access the video.
  • Select your captioning options: Next, you need to choose your captioning options to initiate the process of time-coded captioning and simultaneous transcription. Here you have to choose all the parameters, such as the type of captions (full-verbatim or clean verbatim), length of the video, etc.
  • Pay online via secure channels: We accept payments from major vendors like PayPal, Mastercard, and Visa. Use your credit card, debit card, or PayPal to pay the fees. Our payment channels use the latest and most robust digital security measures to ensure your payment details stay safe.
  • Get your captions via email: Once our captionists complete your closed captioning project, we will send the completed files via email.

Why Use GoTranscript Video Closed Caption Services?

GoTranscript is a UK-based company with 17+ years of experience in the field. To handle client projects, we hire native English captionists with exemplary prowess. Expect 99% accurate closed captions for videos. With a workforce of over 20,000 captionists and transcriptionists worldwide, we can also support you in changing your closed captions into subtitles or transcriptions to use in blogs and promotions on other channels.

Our video closed captioning services prioritize quality. For this reason, we optimize our working process to meet global standards. Here are some more benefits of using our online service today.

  • Confidentiality: Our secure system ensures that your files remain protected from cyber threats and that only authorized professionals work on them. Our professionals also have signed confidentiality agreements and NDAs.
  • Online caption editing tools: We provide manual caption editing tools for free to our clients who want to edit the final work further and tweak the content as per their unique requirements.
  • Supported file types: We can send your closed captions, and create subtitles for YouTube video in any of these file formats: .txt, .srt, .scc, .ttml, .dfxp, .cap, .mcc and more.

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